You Need Space to See

You can’t see your eyeball with your eyeball – medical emergencies aside. You will have to look in a mirror, and when you see the reflection of your eye staring back at you, that’s because there is space between your eye and the mirror.

You need space to see.

This is why the best solution for feeling confused about life is to sit and stare off into space for a couple hours.

There is a tendency to believe you should be practical, which involves constantly chopping away at tasks that are supposed to add up to something important. You should hurry up and think in circles very very fast.

The problem is that speed and practicality need a larger goal to serve.

People are like engines fueled by creative imaginings. If you kill the creativity in the interest of practicality and efficiency, you’ve cut off the energy to do something important. You’ve also blinded yourself to the goal.

Creativity needs time and space to grow. By sitting quietly for long enough to listen to your mind for a while and let go of its worries 30ish times, you get the space to actually think. You give your inner child permission to plan an awesome game out of your life. Reality starts to seem fun again.

Sometimes the most valuable thing you can do is create a space big enough and still enough for something valuable to grow.

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