You Can’t Do It Alone

It seems like you should be able to think of something good in the privacy of your own mind, and make it, and share it.

You use your mind for things all the time. You don’t tell people about everything you think. All kinds of great ideas have come to the world from people’s minds. Why shouldn’t yours fall directly from your brain into the lap of humanity?

The hitch is the nature of humanity. If you are making something for humanity, you need it to connect with humanity. You need people to get it. You need to know what they get about it and what matters to them.

There are only two ways for that to happen entirely from the privacy of your mind.

1) You’re freakishly lucky.

2) You already have a fully working model of humanity in your mind, and you can see yourself accurately from the outside looking in.

Both are unlikely.

If you have something extraordinary to share with humanity (and I think everyone does), you will need their help.

You will need them to inspire you, to reassure you, to question you, to listen to you.

That’s what friends are for.

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  1. I believe success comes from working inside networks. Good post.

    • Morgan Alverson says:

      I didn’t always, but I’ve come to agree. The challenge for me is being open enough to build networks based on real trust and understanding.

      Thanks! 😀

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