‘We Will’ Beats ‘I Need’

Teamwork is amazing for getting things done.

The tendency is to think of it as an I.

“I need this done. I need to do this. I want that. I want you to do this. I’m getting mad that you haven’t done it yet!”

But being authentic involves taking responsibility for your role in the situation and for your ability to help change things.

Children can stamp their feet and make demands. Maturity requires understanding that the situation is bigger than just what you want and need, and other people need your help to change things in a way that feels right to them. Whining doesn’t help.

If you are stuck there waving a flag of self-righteousness, you can’t pick up your end of the table, and it will be too heavy to move.

Instead, by thinking of what we need, what we want, and what we will do together to get it, the world of possibility opens up before you.

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