Two kinds of success

The guy in the suit buying a new car with his bonus check. The elderly couple holding hands at sunset. The garden overflowing with blooming greens. The best-selling book stacked in a pyramid at the store. The laughing child. The overcrowded funeral with mourners in the streets.

There are a lot of different definitions of success.

Success has two cards in a tarot deck.

One card is for illusions of success. It’s the success that’s brief, but supposed to save you from all your problems. It looks a lot like the riches and fame society so often champions.

The other card is for the deep success. This is the kind of success that makes you feel whole even on your deathbed. The success of a life well lived, a life full of laughter and love, truth and meaning.

This second kind of success isn’t something you can quit afterwards. It doesn’t make anything better. It’s the practice of this kind of life in itself. That is to have succeeded.

What’s your definition, long term?

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