To Go The Way You Want To In Life, Throw Things

Changing direction is life is a lot like changing direction in space.

Here on Earth, we get used to putting one foot in front of the other in a straight line, and that helps things.

In space, however, inertia rules. If you are already in motion in a certain direction, you will tend to stay in motion in that direction. If you aren’t moving, you will continue not moving.

If you want to change direction, you will have to create some chaos and offset your momentum by throwing things. See Bender.

Note that the direction you throw things in is only loosely related to the direction you want to go in. In fact, you are better off throwing things in the opposite direction to the way you want to go.

This is a lot like throwing money around during a major life change.

You know you want to go in a different direction, and you’ve got all this crap around. It’s valuable crap, mind you, but not as valuable as going in the direction you want to go in life. (Eternity alone, with or without swag, sucks). So you start throwing your valuable crap.

We would like to think that because we spent a lot of money on something (like an education, for example) it will help us go where we want to in life.

It won’t. At least not directly.

No, the real purpose of all that throwing was to change the direction of your momentum, to go someplace else.

Throwing your valuables does help in the end, but often by sending you in the opposite direction of where you threw it.

It’s just physics.

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