The Tree Happiness Grows On

Happiness is like the fruit that falls from the tree.
Sweet, full of joy and seeds of new beginnings,
But the tree has much deeper, tougher roots.

Happiness has been my goal in life. It’s a good one. But like fruit, happiness is part of the cycle of the hard work of growing things.

The tree has to grow. It has to endure blizzards and locusts, droughts and floods. It has to grow thick bark and deep roots, and it is not so sweet and pretty. But it can endure long enough to bring happiness into the world.

You can’t always go for the happiness directly.

Translation: Don’t decide by asking “will this make me happy?”

Instead, decide by gut feel. Decide by thinking about what kind of values you want in your life. For me, that’s love, truth, spirituality, and service.

Happiness is a good thing to believe in, but on the journey of life it can be kind of like Mecca. It’s the great, holy destination, but sometimes what we need is the strength just to take the next step.

Putting one foot in front of the other calls for patience and living in the present moment.

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