The Real Source of Mysterious Problems

The hardest thing to confront is the fear you don’t want to think you have.

It shows up as a kind of strange malfunction, an avoidance, a misunderstanding.

When they translated the Bible into Greek, the world they used for sin was hamartia. It is a term from archery, meaning to miss the mark.

The greatest disasters of our species come from missing the mark.

It’s not a big, distinctive mistake. It’s a bunch of little ones.

It’s in how you treat strangers at the grocery store. It’s in the thoughts that go through your mind when you wake up before work in the morning. It’s in the sentence you overlook in the book. It’s in the important thing you just can’t seem to do.

It’s not that you just don’t get it.

Because the scary thing is that you do. You know exactly why things aren’t working. And you will do anything not to admit it to yourself.

Not seeing what you are truly afraid of is the second best way to protect yourself from the pain of an empty life. It just that you end up with an empty life without knowing why.

The best course is to fill your life with meaning. And that will require seeing the parts of yourself that you are afraid of and having the courage to accept yourself anyway.

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  1. True. Procrastination and depression and anxiety all have names at their sources. With the right listener, we can get to the bottom of it.

    • Morgan Alverson says:

      Yeah you’re right – talking through it (or writing through it) with the right person at the other end can really help get to the bottom of things. It’s easy to feel like you should just be nice when you listen to someone, but sometimes what they need the most is a listener with the guts to be honest about what they think.

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