The Decision that Brings You Peace

Sometimes the only way to know which choice is right is to make it. Decide.

Commit to the path. It is only when you walk it that you will see if this is where you want to be.

It’s the peace of the choice, the magic of moving that matters.

Knowing the way is impossible. It is not something you can control. So you have to let it go, and go instead with what feels right.

You can’t control what feels right to you either.

You can only control whether you value it and pay attention to it, or ignore it.

Whether you act on it, or hesitate.

Decisions and realizations have a mythology around them. They are idolized. They are supposed to save us, from the uncertainty of the path, from the failures, rejection, and pain of the future. But they can’t.

Your life is defined by how you live each moment. There are only a few decisions in life that are big enough to really change your path. Most path changing is done by where you decide to put the next step.

Follow what feels right now. Take the step that feels right. You will only know afterwards if it was the perfect choice, but if it brings you peace now, it doesn’t matter.

Because now is the only moment you will ever have to live in.

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  1. I think you’re on to something here Morgan. People believe that it’s the few big decisions that define your life. If you choose right then all will be good. But if you choose wrong, well . . . you’re shit outta luck.

    But really, life is about course correction. Every decision, big or small, adjusts your course bit by bit. You don’t just set sail in one direction and after a life time reach your destination. You gotta adjust here and there. Find the currents, avoid the storms (or sometimes just go crashing head first into them), and hopefully enjoy a sunny day or two along the way.

    All the little decisions will add up to have a much greater effect on your life than the few big decisions ever do by themselves. So like you say, just decide already . . . then adjust as necessary.


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