The Benefits of Failure

Failure hurts. Yes.

But it is also a sign that you are taking the risks required to learn. To progress. To really live.

Failure is far more educational than success. It teaches you about what doesn’t work, what you don’t want, and how people behave when life is imperfect. And life is usually imperfect.

A “Yes” can fill your eyes with stardust. It can thrill you into looking only to the future that you wish to see. It can blind you to the damaged people and small victories surrounding you in the present.

In the somber valley following “No”, however, you can see clearly. You can see patterns in what others believe. You can see boundaries invisible to the naked eye. You can see yourself.

Failure isn’t something to avoid. It’s something to seek out. Regularly.

Frequent failure is like weeding your garden. One by one, failure uproots all the possibilities that you think you want, but don’t.

You get dirty. You get tired. And possibilities die. Yes.

But in exchange, you get plenty of space and light for your real dreams to grow.

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