The Art of Change

Once upon a time, we lived in a world where change happened slowly. Sure, there were catastrophes, sudden disasters, miracles. But most things stayed the same.

Fifty years ago, it made sense to think of yourself as changing into something. You could become a parent, an office worker, a manager, a home owner, an expert. Then you would stay that way.

That’s no longer true.

Change is now the ruler of our world.

Jobs are redefined as new tech and markets take over old positions. Expertise is based on constantly changing subjects. Social roles are in a state of flux.

The best way to survive now is not to reach a better state. Because that state will change sooner rather than later.

The best way to survive now is to become friends with change itself

Mastery of the art of change is the new goal.

Get good at coaxing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Learn to love the thrill of falling off cliffs.

Grow to appreciate the pain and progress of failure.

Enjoy the journey. As much as you would like things to turn out the way you want, make friends with uncertainty and have faith that what you don’t know is probably better than what you want.

Arm yourself to the teeth with passionate curiosity, a feisty sense of humor, an eye to the big picture, and a tube full of wisdom to slather on your wounds.

You will fall, you will hit your head on walls, you will look stupid, and it will hurt.

And that is absolutely wonderful.

Because you will learn, grow, and stand right in the middle of the river of your bliss.

And when the time comes for you to leave this world, you will be really glad you did.

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  1. Being abreast with change is obviously the to success.
    Hi Morgan, I love your post.
    Emmanuel recently posted…Are you an Eagled-Blogger or any Other Foolish bird?My Profile

    • Morgan Alverson says:

      You’re right Emmanuel – keeping up with change is necessary for success. Thanks for the comment!

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