Stillness is…

Misleading, because you hold still, but you breathe, the air moves, the world hums with energy.

Magic, because it rushes through you like a river swollen with melt water in spring, bearing all the possibilities of the present moment.

Liberating, because all the ideas that hold you back dissolve and mean nothing.

Hidden, because it will never remind you itโ€™s there, though you will find it lurking in unexpected moments.

Beautiful, because the best way to see is to shut up, listen, and look.

Thanks for the reminder, Stillness Now.

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  1. Ian Bonesteel says:

    Hi Morgan. It’s good to hear your words. Sometimes the ice that fills the stream is hard to melt. I hope you’re doing well with the new baby. There was a rumor that you’d be coming back to the tutoring center but I haven’t seen you around. Take care.
    Ian B

    P.S. I just watched a TED talk called “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. The title isn’t exactly what I got out of it but I think you would like it. A good perspective on melting some frozen soul ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Morgan Alverson says:

      Hey Ian,

      It’s really good to hear from you. All is well with the baby. I think I’m off to tutor in different areas of life now though – somewhere in the “using the internet to share meaningful work” subject, which I just invented a name for.

      The video is really inspiring. It actually helped me start getting a lot more clear on what I’m doing here, and why I’m so wierd. Very good perspective on melting frozen soul. Maybe we could say that stillness is the mother of purpose, and purpose certainly helps the river flow.

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