Spring, Cycles, and What Life Promises

There’s a day every spring when I walk outside, and suddenly things look green.

Today was that day.

Spring is late in Colorado this year. Too many sudden cold spells and snow storms. The weeds grow first, long before the trees start to bloom.

But spring still came.

I never doubted it.

I doubt life all the time.

Everything of true power moves in a circle.

Winter and summer, day and night, rich and poor, knowledge and mystery. One follows the other in an endless cycle.

We forget sometimes that the circle will keep turning, life will keep changing, and what we have today may be something different tomorrow.

We color them good and bad, and wish desperately for the islands of good to come and stay, and for the bad to go forever. But it can’t.

Because change is the constant. Growth is the guarantee. The wheel will not stand still.

Life promises not to be what you expect, but the world will turn green again. There will be bright blooming moments that are fragile and soon gone. There will be earthshaking storms that make everything wet and alive. And there will be cold winters that kill the green things and make you huddle for warmth.

But spring will come back. And you will have grown.

So don’t doubt life.

It keeps it’s promises. It just makes a different kind of promise.

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  1. I had that Spring day myself a couple weeks ago. It was glorious. The world was so alive and full of potential.

    But then Winter came back this week and smacked my right upside the head.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This is Vermont after all. It’s not unusual to get sunburn and frostbite all in the same week.

    But you made your point well. Life is cyclical. No doubt. We just need to learn to make the best of each cycle.


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