Power Cords to Long Dead Fears

There are things we learn to tolerate, little inconveniences that support something else.

You never know which ones are pillars to nowhere until you take a risk and take them down.

We tripped over a cord winding past our door for two years before disconnecting it today.

As it turns out, this cord was for a phone that we never wanted. It came as part of a discount deal for the internet. The phone has been disconnected for over a year.

Only we were afraid to disconnect this cord because we didn’t know what it was for, who might need it.

There are useless cords in our psyches too. They power childhood fears, long dead needs and desires, unwanted package deals. They tangle with your thoughts in the name of habits you no longer need to protect you.

The only way to free up your mind and tell which supports are no longer necessary is to risk failure and stop using them.

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