“Patience is not sitting and waiting, it is forseeing.
It is looking at the thorn and seeing the rose,
Looking at the night and seeing the day.
Lovers are patient and know the moon needs time to become full.”
– Shams Tabrizi

Great undertakings require patience.

Fulfilling work, healthy bodies, happy kids, blooming gardens, deep relationships, well-lived lives. All take time to grow into their potential.

Patience doesn’t mean enduring. It doesn’t mean sitting paralyzed with anxiety or regret. It doesn’t mean silently railing against the inadequacies of the present.

Patience is about the possibilities of love.

It’s rare that you can see exactly what something is becoming. You don’t know who the kids will be, or how the flowers will bloom, or how to have the conversation that could change your relationship.

But if you love it right now, you don’t need to know what comes next.

Patience is calmly holding love through the storm. It knows that the darker the night, the more beautiful the sunrise.

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