a whole poem

Life is the story of becoming whole. And each little moment, Each pain, Each failure, Each accident, Each need, Each error, Each truth, Each breath… Brings us closer to wholeness. You are not broken, Needing to be fixed. You are not … [Continue reading]

On Letting Go of Not Knowing

“I don’t know” was once my mantra, chanted in place of “umm”. I convinced myself to give up that habit by telling myself that I should know, that I do know, that it is terrible juju to chant myself knowledgeless. But not-knowing has continued … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Take Your Own Advice

The advice we give is usually the advice we need to receive. You can learn a lot about a person by the advice they give you. You can also learn a lot about yourself by the advice you keep giving out. It’s just that learning about ourselves is a … [Continue reading]

Lessons In Seriously Changing Part 2

Changing is exhausting. That’s not a lesson, it’s just obvious. All these pieces swirl around you, shouting instructions, and you are supposed to figure out how to put them together into a life. Setting out to Change actually makes things harder … [Continue reading]

Great Things, Small Things, and Truth

I have this thing for being grandiose. I want everything I do to be the best ever. I want to change the world. Only I’m very good at keeping it secret. I hate to brag. So it comes out in subtle ways. For example, I wrote a science fiction … [Continue reading]

Lessons In Seriously Changing: Part 1

I have been learning a lot about myself. And that is why I haven’t been writing much. To be honest, I kind of wrinkle my nose at bloggers who are always apologizing for not writing enough. Now I see, they do this because blogging is a … [Continue reading]

The Decision that Brings You Peace

Sometimes the only way to know which choice is right is to make it. Decide. Commit to the path. It is only when you walk it that you will see if this is where you want to be. It’s the peace of the choice, the magic of moving that … [Continue reading]

How to Love Yourself: 4 Truths for Reviving Dead Self-Esteem

I gave up my self-esteem in high school. Literally, I thought it was uncool. It made me stand out. So I faked being a miserable drudge until I made it. I became afraid to look people in the eye. It was sort of like wild animals – I told myself. … [Continue reading]

Breathe: A Technique for Massive Life Changes and Child Birth

There are times when life is shifting under your feet so fast you can barely catch your breath. Like an earthquake, everything around you that you take for granted as solid is changing. At times like this, you need to make a calm center to the … [Continue reading]

Gratitude Rises from The Ashes

I admit, for a while now I have been burnt out on gratitude. I got high on joy, a few years ago, listing all the things I was grateful for. Then I had a nasty hangover. The problem was that I was invoking all the things I thought I should feel … [Continue reading]