The Power of Names & Scary Beginnings

Thoth was the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic. One of his powers was the ability to name things. In the Old Testament, the world is created with a Word. Nothing is more feared among certain creatures than for others to know their true name  – granting unknown powers to those who wield it.

Why are names so damn special?

My name is Morgan, and I am confident that if you use it, I will not turn into a puddle of steaming goo. I’ve used a lot of words in my time, and I’ve never made a universe appear with them. No one has ever come to worship my wisdom after I called them names (although some names were very creative).

I have wondered this for years.

After registering about a billion domain names to call my someday-ultra-cool-website, however, I think I’m getting it.

The power of a name is in the fit. You have to know the thing you are naming very well. Then if you can summarize its whole existence in a word, you are powerful. You have mastery over it.

I do not have mastery over myself. I can’t name what it is I do, what I say, what I have to share. I hope that after I say it for a while, I will figure out in hindsight what I just did should be called. They say that hindsight is 20-20, which is lucky, because we need something to make up for the fact that foresight sucks.

I have delayed, however. I have waited for the perfect name to fall out of the sky and hit me in the forehead. I have prayed for a booming voice from the sky to shout, “MORGAN! YOUR DOMIAN NAME.COM IS THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS!” I might even have been satisfied if the answer was burned into a piece of toast.

Alas, the sky has not shouted at me.

The truly terrifying thing about starting something new is that we don’t know how it will go. I can imagine all kinds of disasters. I can imagine failing in a thousand different ways.

I was hoping the universe would promise me that everything would be alright. Forever. If I just stuck my foot in the right direction.

However, I am beginning to realize that it did.

The greatest failure is never trying. In the words of Seth Godin, there are mistakes of “overdoing the defense of the status quo…And then there is the mistake made while inventing the future.”

It is better to try to walk a few times and fall on my face than to spend my life as an immobile lump wishing things were different.

Beginnings are scary. SO very scary. But everything must begin somewhere. And some things are amazing.

So this is the beginning.

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  1. I love how your mind works, mulling over the big questions of life with a refreshing sense of humor. Questions that so many of us are afraid to even consider. But when we start … beginnings are amazing.

    I’m going to be looking at my toast more closely, just in case!

  2. I eat beginnings for breakfast.
    But it’s taken me many years to get the follow through down.
    And now, at my ripening old age, my thought is not beginnings or middles or endings but to forget them all and allow myself to flow. Which, as it turns out is what I am best at. Only I had the idea I should be otherwise.

  3. If only they had named me Flo.



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