My Promise To The World

Dear world,

You make my heart race. You make me feel like I’m going to fall.

It’s like standing at the railing of a tall building, looking over the edge with the wind in your face, when you feel that thrill in your spine, that urge to jump. I don’t trust myself with you. I’m afraid I’ll do something stupid.

But I love you.

It’s pretty darn fulfilling when we’ re getting along well. I like the person I become when I’m trying to make us both happy.

So here’s my promise to you.

I’m going to write you something that matters everyday. It’s proof of my commitment to us. I want us both to be happy, and it’s too scary to only do that sometimes. Practice truth, practice happiness, this is the best I can give you. But maybe that is what we both need. It’s my way of showing I care.

I’ll probably fail. I’ll probably say things that are stupid. I’ll probably say things that aren’t true and don’t matter. But hey, it might work too.

It could be that this practice will carve out a small place in the world for things that are fragile, beautiful, imperfect, and true. It could be that this is what makes us alike.

So, I’ll be here tomorrow.

With love,


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