Measuring for Success

We set measurements for ourselves to see if we’ve been successful. And measurements are relative.

A really good project from a beginner might be fatally flawed to a professional, yet be better than the work of most beginners.

A book full of mistakes and half-considered ideas might be better than everything else on the topic.

The feat of a child may be easy for adults, but advanced for everyone else her age.

In measurements, the most important factor is who you are compared to and which group you think you belong to.

Perfect is only better than everything else out there.

The measurement feedback loop can go on forever. There is always someone else, some greater achiever in a different class to compare to. You can never reach the bar for success if it keeps moving into someone else’s court.

The only fixed point is the one you set for yourself. Only you can decide the standard that matters for you.

How well do you measure up to your own principles?

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