The Magic of What You Love: From Shit-Shoveling to Changing the World

When you love something, believe in it, and understand how it has the power to make the world more beautiful and good, magic happens.

Life is so full of dirt and shit, we forget that even shit-shoveling is great when you’re having fun.

The point is not to justify the trenches you have to dig. Don’t scare yourself into digging faster.

You can force yourself to dig trenches, but it will discourage you and wear you out.

Instead look for what you love, right now, about whatever it is you have to do. Look for how what you are doing makes the world more beautiful, more right, better. Look for what makes you smile, what brings you energy, what excites you.

And go with it.

Understand that what you – uniquely – love and believe in is sacred.

It is your magic.

Life is amazingly hard if you let it be; and life is amazingly easy if you love it.

So many of the things we are afraid of only exist because we are living for the wrong reasons.

We believe: “If you write right, people will listen to what you have to say. If you market right, people will buy what you have to sell. If you look right, people will like you. If you live right, people will think you’re a good person.”

Failure, anxiety, disappointing, being ignored, being hated… all these fears stem from a lack of purpose right now.

What if you write and market and live because you love it? What if you did it because it was absolutely the right thing to do, and by doing it, you knew you were creating something beautiful and good in your little corner of the world?

Then it wouldn’t matter what happened next.

You would be free of all those fears. Because you would be fulfilled and focused on the task at hand. Right now.

You could do all those wonderful things you’ve been waiting to do, but were too afraid of failing at, because you would know that what happened next didn’t matter.

All that matters is that you live in your magic today.

So your task, friends, is to follow your magic.

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  1. This is great Morgan! I love the image of the happy purpose-driven shit-shoveler!

    I’m sure we’ve all shoveled some shit in our day. But like you say, if we found some purpose in it, then it was likely more of a joy. When we lack purpose, we find that the days just drag on and on in soul-crushing misery.

    And what better purpose is there than for the pure enjoyment of something? When you find what you love, you’ll find all the drive you’ll ever need to see your work through.


    • Morgan Alverson says:

      Thanks Trevor!

      Your bread post helped inspire this – not to mention the break through in my life that I’m talking about here. You’re right that obsession has a lot to do with passion – the thing you’re willing to suffer for is the thing you love. But of course if you love it, then even things that would normally induce suffering just delight the crap out of you. I think the magic comes because pure enjoyment tends to align with helping everyone else out too. “Bliss” as Joseph Campbell says, is one of the gateways to the universe.


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