Life Paths Are Like Crime Dramas

There are signs, clues, forensics, and good logic pointing to the life you want.

Your soul has been hard at work setting it up for you in dark nights and back alleys when you weren’t paying attention.

Usually, what you are looking for is hidden in plain sight.

The friend who found the clue, the relative with the key evidence, the killer invited to dinner. Be aware of the patterns in your surroundings and the true needs people conceal.

The thing you desperately want probably won’t be any good for you.

The good hearted cop is doing good already – finding his ex-wife won’t actually change the past or fix the future. Letting her go would be much better.

Once you find it, it all makes sense.

Of course, you exclaim, that is why the lady with the peacock was wearing yellow the second Tuesday in June! Until you solve the mystery, most of the clues are insignificant oddities you barely noticed. It’s only afterwards that you can tell a story about how “you knew it all along”.

Finding the answer usually requires a lot of dumb luck and courage on the part of the main character.

But we know it’s not really dumb luck or blind courage. It’s fate, destiny, delivering the needs of the universe into the capable hands of the one person who has the skills and dedication to make things work out.

Your path is your mystery.

You’ve got what it takes to solve the mystery and save the world. The clues are all there. The universe has delivered this case to you because it knows you are the right one. Breathe, look around you with open eyes, and put the pieces together.

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