Less Than Profound

I would like to say something profound, but it’s hard to think of profound things after a few days on five hours sleep. I’m pouring my creative juices into other things, and I’m tired. So instead I’ll say this.

You don’t always have to think of something profound to say. You don’t always have to sound smart or on the ball. You don’t always need a witty comeback.

As it turns out, most people aren’t judging you based on whether you just said the cleverest thing they ever heard.

We are judging based on whether we relate to what you say.

We are more worried about whether you seem to relate to us, in all the imperfections we quietly keep.

Most people don’t walk around in a glittery cloud of profundity, and you don’t need to either.

Being human and open and honest, surprisingly, is usually enough.

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