How To Change the World

I recently asked some people I know to tell me what they think I’m blind to, to help me see myself better.

This was the best answer:

“You don’t see that people are stupid.”

When I finished laughing, I realized this sums me up in a nutshell. I don’t think anyone is stupid. I don’t believe in it.

I believe in circumstances and people who have learned to do bad things, or who are confused about what is good. But not stupidity as some permanent condition.

You never realize how sweetness and savagery intertwine until you watch a baby grow up. One second he’s hugging and petting, and then he’s whacking and throwing things.

This is human nature.

Our wonderfulness comes right alongside our viciousness.

It’s a totally myth to believe anyone is either too good or too bad to change. Because the truth is, we all have good and bad in us.

The only thing that keeps one on the surface and the other hidden is habit. We have been trained to drive on the right side of the street, color in the lines, and smile at strangers. But any second, we could act differently.

This is why I believe in teaching. I believe everyone can be taught to live happier, more fulfilling, more meaningful lives. It’s all just a matter of changing the habits.

The vast problems in society come down to individual bad habits. Those habits are encouraged by a critical mass of other people with bad habits.

And those habits can be changed by each individual who stands up inside of himself and defends what he believes to be the right thing.

Teaching habits is a lot like parenting. Kids don’t learn from what you say, they learn from what you do. Likewise, you must live the life you want to teach. You must do what you want others to do, be what you want them to be.

By doing so, maybe you too will come to believe that people are not stupid. They have reasons, circumstances, distractions, but not permanent flaws. With the right encouragement, the right friends, and the right habits, everyone can live amazing lives.

The way to change the world is through a critical mass of people who live with purpose and meaning, and who teach that to others.

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