Happiness, Contrary to the Promise of TV

Feeding your soul is not an option.

It’s like eating every day. You have to, whether you want to or not. If you don’t, you will get sick and cranky.

Having a healthy, well fed soul is not particularly appealing to mass media.

It’s like how fast food commercials assure you that happiness comes from ordering an enormous burger and fries, rather than listening to your body and being able to get up off the couch.

Marketing companies need you to be desperate, hungry, bored and angry. That is what drives you to watch TV to distract you, to buy mass quantities of stuff to fill you up, to play mindless games to forget you exist. It’s how they get the money to fill up their own houses with stuff. Inner peace is un-capitalist.

That is why we chant to ourselves that we will have time to enjoy the moment some other time. Problems race through our heads, as the cookies bake and the flowers bloom and the kids grow up. We are desperate for the next thing that will make life perfect… and we miss it.

Souls, contrary to the insistence of popular culture, do not require a million dollars, a new iPad, a ticket to the MTV music awards, an assurance of a perfect life forever. They are capable of being perfectly happy right now, in the moment, with the towers of perfection burning down around them.

The trick is realizing that happiness is yours for the taking, and the rest just doesn’t matter.

The only one who can get that kind of happiness is you. In the words of the Grateful Dead, “That path is for your steps alone.”

Put down all that baggage you’ve been lugging across the world, and follow the road your heart calls you to. Your heart knows what it is – it’s the thing that makes you smile.

And it’s not optional. It’s not for after work, after retirement, after you win the lottery. It’s for right now. Go for it, or give it up.

It’s the joy of the road that matters. You’ll never reach that magical destination. And if you can’t enjoy your road, then what?

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  1. Yes. Follow your heart. It’s the only path you need to take.
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