Goals In the Now, A Different Sort of Accomplishment

Sometimes goals don’t work.

It could be that it’s the wrong goal. Or you learned something on the way. Or that the goal is phrased wrong or too restrictive.

It could be something deeper.

Goals don’t work for me. Because my subconscious refuses to cooperate. And this usually works out very well in the end, because as I wander along the path, life leaps out of the bushes and surprises me with wonderful things.

Until recently, I was under the impression that having no goals was a horrible ailment, like a bad back or migraines.

But due to these insights, I have a new theory. For the kind of person who lives by intuition, who needs regular communication with the universe, who believes in going with the flow of life and smelling the flowers – goals are not designed to fit that mindset.

Goals are concrete and future oriented. A goal is something like, “Send 15 emails by Thursday,” or, “Make $5000 in August”.

There is nothing wrong with this, unless you measure your life by how happy you feel, or how honest you were, or in patience, enthusiasm, or wisdom.

If something other than concrete accomplishments matter to you, then you need a different kind of goal.

Here’s how to make goals for the present.

Emphasize states of being and mental and emotional reactions over physical accomplishments. If you are in the right mindset, the accomplishments you seek to achieve will be much easier.

Start a list of goals, and start each with “Be”.

For example:

  • Be welcoming and curious towards fear.
  • Be accepting of others.
  • Be open and honest.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Be aware of thoughts that energize you.
  • Be peaceful and present.
  • Be in touch with your intuition.
  • Be grateful for little things.

These are goals that help cultivate the mental state of the person you want to be. They are things you can do right now, in each moment, to continue moving in the direction of your choice.

To see if these work for you, make a list of 20 of the goals you would like to meet. Include them regardless of whether they are physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, ect. Then translate each concrete goal into a set of emotional and mental qualities you need to work on to achieve it.

Give it a day, then write down 15 goals. Then each day for a week, reduce the number of goals you write down until you only have three left.

Then write the remaining three on a piece of paper with colorful ink and put it up on your wall somewhere you have to see it all the time.

Or, think of three key words to remind you of your goals and write them on the back of your hand every day for a week to get you in the habit of recentering in the moment on who you are trying to be.

Goals are tools for transformation. It’s just that when the task is transforming the spirit, they need to be written in a language it understands.

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