Fools Widsom

“And nobody wants to know him, they can see that he’s just a fool. And he never gives an answer.

But the fool on the hill, sees the sun going down, and the eyes in his head, see the world spinning ‘round.”

The Fool On The Hill, The Beatles

We are supposed to be important, the unwritten rules say. Think significant things. Do important things. Show people you are important.

We just have a poor sense of importance.

The best, clearest, wisest observations often come from the bottom.

It’s the child who points out that the Emperor does not have a sexy new outfit – he’s just naked.

In college, sometimes freshmen have the best insights because they are coming at it with a new perspective. They are already throwing ego on the line just to talk, so they have nothing to lose by risking a dumb opinion. And sometimes they are brilliant.

College seniors, on the other hand, tend to comment with a kind of bloated, nitpicky, know-it-all-ness. They have a clever reputation to defend, and end up thinking about irrelevant details that no one else cares about so that they don’t have to risk looking stupid on the big ideas.

Sadly, the same failing happens to teachers and big corporations. When people get big enough and important enough, the fear can take over. They forget why they are doing it and in avoiding failure, they avoid success. They can’t think under the weight of their own importance.

“Empty of desire, perceive mystery. Filled with desire, perceive manifestations.” –Lao Tzu

The fool is not attached to the outcome of his ideas. He doesn’t care what happens or what people think. It doesn’t occur to him. That is why he can see the universe in action.

The fool lets his mind wander. He plays. He zones out and drifts. He doesn’t think about what he is acting for.

And it so happens that the mysteries of the universe are visible to just such a mind.

When you try too hard to control the outcome, to be important, you can only perceive the details of the Great Mystery, not the thing itself. Seeing the big picture requires intuition, patience, and openness, which those in a hurry to be somewhere can rarely achieve.

The truly important things in the universe will rarely slap you in the face to get attention. They will just sit there, waiting patiently for you to notice.

It’s up to you to let your mind wander.

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