Dreams Found

There’s been a great culling of late.

Several bloggers who I know and love have gone silent, their lives having risen up and reminded them of what they truly love.

For many of us this is true. It’s what life does. We get all lost in the broiling, churning fervor to be something… Someone who stands triumphant in the walls of a life we thought we wanted.

And on the way, we discover that life is not what we wanted at all.

I, for my part, have gone back to writing (during naps, of course). Not because it is what I want to do. Because it is what I do anyway. There is a stack of notebooks next to me on the desk, and more upstairs buried in pigeon holes, waiting for stolen moments. It’s how I let the magic in me out.

For all of the struggling to reach the destination, we are already surrounded by what truly feeds our souls.

The hard part is realizing the beauty of what you already are.

There’s been a Facebook post going around – of a rhino on a treadmill, sweating longingly at a poster of a unicorn, to the words “Never Give Up on Your Dreams”.

That’s the sin of our society in a nutshell. And by sin, I mean hamartia, the old Greek translation from archery, meaning “to miss the mark”. By chanting “follow your dreams” to our young, we have missed the mark.

That rhino is never going to be a unicorn.

Unicorns aren’t real. Rhinos are.

We strive and strive to be something we believe is better, perfect, good. But we don’t see what we are. We don’t see what is right in front of our faces.

And most importantly, we are so unhappy in the process.

I’m all for progress. But progress can be made with joy. You can love every moment, even the painful ones. Because that is what it means to be alive. Joy comes from accepting exactly where you are and living fully in the moment – as fucked up as it may be – because it IS. It just is. Because it is filled with infinite possibilities that you could never expect.

Because life is actually amazing, if you’re watching. It is absurd, and hilarious, and wonderful.

The entire universe has colluded, over billions of years, throwing around particles (which are actually waves full of space) from exploding suns and dying planets and vastly mysterious darkness, through galaxies, past black holes, into inconceivably massive dust clouds. Through oceans of lava and asteroid rain and glaciers taller than mountains, by some freak accident, you exist.

And you think none of it matters unless you get to be a unicorn?

That, friends, is bullshit.

I say don’t give up on what matters. Don’t give up on what makes your soul sing. Or do – because your soul will chase you down and rub your nose in it, like it or not. Souls are very insistent.

But for god’s sake, figure out what matters to you for real. Don’t mistake the dreams sold on TV and underwear ads for the voice of the universe. Don’t discount your heart because you thought you would be happier as someone else.

At least spare yourself the pain of thinking you are a failure when you are actually on the verge of your greatest success.

Because what makes your soul laugh – you know that cosmic laughter – that’s what’s worth never giving up on. And you deserve to be happy the whole way. And that means looking around you right now, feeling the air on your skin, hearing the hum of the universe, breathing, and letting the rest go.

The joy of being you, here, now, is progress. It is perfection. The dream is right behind you.

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  1. In short, Follow your dreams. Just make sure that they’re realistic and attainable.
    Christopher James recently posted…The top 3 get reviewsMy Profile

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