The Chef’s Secret for a Good Life

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”
― Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFaust

If there is one reason to be yourself, it is to live a good life. Depending on who you are, that might mean happiness, or wisdom, or love, or wealth, or health, or success. But first you must trust yourself.

There is a story about a chef who was trying to save a failing restaurant, but she couldn’t find the secret to making great food. It was only mediocre, and she kept losing customers.

One night, an old master chef explained the secret.

She didn’t respect her ingredients. She didn’t let her ingredients shine. She needed to restrain herself from covering up the goodness that was already there.

The moral: creation is an act of simplifying to goodness.

The secret to living well is not knowing the right recipe. It isn’t changing yourself to fit the life you want. There is no complicated set of rules.

Living a good life is about finding and trusting the goodness that is already in you.

Finding yourself is about letting go of the things that have blocked you from knowing and being yourself.

Slowly but surely, find, accept, and release the things that have clouded your truth.

Look for the goodness that has always been within you. Trust it to guide you, and trust that whatever happens on the way, you can learn from it to become better at living well.

After all, all roads lead to Rome.

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