Why Sharing Ideas is Marketing and Teaching

Jon Morrow argues that ideas are like kids – having them is one thing, but nurturing them to adulthood despite their ailments is something else. Marketing your ideas is the nurturing that they need to have a life of their own. Marketing is what you do for ideas you love. Marketing is a dirty word, […]

How To Change the World

I recently asked some people I know to tell me what they think I’m blind to, to help me see myself better. This was the best answer: “You don’t see that people are stupid.” When I finished laughing, I realized this sums me up in a nutshell. I don’t think anyone is stupid. I don’t […]

You Can Do Better Than Retain Knowledge

Studies show that people retain 90% of the knowledge they teach others, and only 10% of the knowledge they gain from reading. That’s great if you want your brain to be an encyclopedia. I think it’s about more than that. Teaching is an act of transformation. Both the teacher and the student are transformed by […]