Happiness, Contrary to the Promise of TV

Feeding your soul is not an option. It’s like eating every day. You have to, whether you want to or not. If you don’t, you will get sick and cranky. Having a healthy, well fed soul is not particularly appealing to mass media. It’s like how fast food commercials assure you that happiness comes from […]

How To Make Taking Action Less Irritating

“Go forth! Take action!” This command annoys me. Partly, it’s because I don’t like doing what I’m told. Partly, it’s because I am not great at it. When it comes to doing homework, I’m fantastic at “taking action.” I think it’s some kind of birth defect. Everyone is great at some kind of action, even […]

Just Do the Damn Thing: A Logical Refutation

1. I can’t. You have fingers, legs, and you can move them. The computer is right here. You have the internet hooked up. The keyboard works (miraculously after being beaten mercilessly by an infant everyday). You are physically capable. You can. What more do you want? 2. I don’t know what to do. By this, […]

Put Down the Whip

In life, everyone has that one area where things aren’t easy for them. Strange disasters occur, they sabotage themselves, they experience irrational terror, obsess about things everyone else finds easy, and make decisions no one else can understand. For me, that area is my career. I have spent years trying to threaten, cajole, terrify, strategize, […]

Don’t Do the 10 Steps to Sure Success

Yesterday I almost registered a company name. While I was reading up on how to register a business name, I started reading all the articles on 30 questions you have to answer before you start a business. I didn’t have the answers, so I chickened out. The point of these articles is to save you […]

Baby Steps: Lessons in Failure

When he first started crawling, he went backwards. It frustrated the crap out of him. All that effort to get the awesome cat in front of him, and there he is going backwards. Learning to walk has been more like playing pinball with his head. He stands up all the time for practice. Then falls […]

My Promise To The World

Dear world, You make my heart race. You make me feel like I’m going to fall. It’s like standing at the railing of a tall building, looking over the edge with the wind in your face, when you feel that thrill in your spine, that urge to jump. I don’t trust myself with you. I’m […]

The Power of Names & Scary Beginnings

Thoth was the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic. One of his powers was the ability to name things. In the Old Testament, the world is created with a Word. Nothing is more feared among certain creatures than for others to know their true name  – granting unknown powers to those who wield it. Why […]