Breathe: A Technique for Massive Life Changes and Child Birth

There are times when life is shifting under your feet so fast you can barely catch your breath. Like an earthquake, everything around you that you take for granted as solid is changing. At times like this, you need to make a calm center to the universe. You need something to hang onto that will […]

Gratitude Rises from The Ashes

I admit, for a while now I have been burnt out on gratitude. I got high on joy, a few years ago, listing all the things I was grateful for. Then I had a nasty hangover. The problem was that I was invoking all the things I thought I should feel grateful for. Not the […]

The Truth Is An Illusion

In Buddhism, there is an idea called upaya. As the story goes, when Buddha was enlightened, he experienced the interconnection of all things beyond words. Then he felt compassion for all the suffering in the world, and he wanted to help, but he knew there was no way he could use words to teach something […]

As Gently As Possible

Tai-chi qi-gong, like yoga, is about moving around and looking slightly silly while calming the mind. It is an art designed to attune your mind and body to the vital energies of the universe. It’s popular in China and Japan for sustaining health, vitality, and flexibility well into old age. The trick to making qi-gong […]

How To Make Taking Action Less Irritating

“Go forth! Take action!” This command annoys me. Partly, it’s because I don’t like doing what I’m told. Partly, it’s because I am not great at it. When it comes to doing homework, I’m fantastic at “taking action.” I think it’s some kind of birth defect. Everyone is great at some kind of action, even […]

On Climbing To The Goal: Mountains Made of Sand

“…sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand…” – Carrie Underwood, So Small The excuse we give ourselves for seeking goals is that they will add up. Each little milestone will add up as part of the great life goal. And that, we tell ourselves, is why the goal is so […]

Why Fire-Aim and Aim-Fire Both Miss the Target

Both ‘fire’ and ‘aim’ are necessary to hit the target. Yet when it comes to goals, there is a lot of debate as to which comes first. Shall I wait until my aim is perfect before I fire? Or shall I just shoot randomly and worry about what I’m shooting at later? It depends on […]

The Strength to Change Slowly

Bit by bit, day by day, things change. Blowing wind and dripping water can reshape mountains. The challenge is persisting. It will seem like failure is imminent at every step. It will seem like things are going backwards and nothing is working. Strength, in tarot cards, is a picture of a girl holding open the […]

Is This The Perfect or Perfecting Section?

It’s an easy slip of the tongue. This is where the clean ones go, that is where the cleaning ones go. This is where the perfect ones go, that is where the perfecting ones go. Life is an accident of verbs. We thought we were supposed to be perfect. To have already attained greatness. It […]

Growing In Curlicues: Don’t Write About Writing

I knew a guy who was determined to learn to write. He planned to do that by writing about writing. The problem was that he couldn’t figure out what to write about. Writing about writing was boring. He could explain the techniques, but he couldn’t understand them. He couldn’t do them. He had to do […]