Measuring for Success

We set measurements for ourselves to see if we’ve been successful. And measurements are relative. A really good project from a beginner might be fatally flawed to a professional, yet be better than the work of most beginners. A book full of mistakes and half-considered ideas might be better than everything else on the topic. […]

Use The Flow

Gravity always pulls down. Rivers run to the sea. Winds usually blow in the same direction in the same place. There is such a thing as flow. The same principles apply to any task you may undertake. There is a way to let the way things are going propel you to the way you want […]

On Climbing To The Goal: Mountains Made of Sand

“…sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand…” – Carrie Underwood, So Small The excuse we give ourselves for seeking goals is that they will add up. Each little milestone will add up as part of the great life goal. And that, we tell ourselves, is why the goal is so […]

Sometimes Fallow

Nothing in the universe can be productive all the time forever. Fields have to lie fallow for years, or they will be depleted, and the soil won’t grow anything. Even suns eventually run out of material for fusion. There are very important times when what is absolutely necessary for productivity to continue is unproductivity. What is […]

The Art of Useful Information

We live in the information age, but anyone who has walked through a library knows that big stacks of great information are useless unless you can process and use them. The problems of our time rarely come from not having enough information. Our problems come from not having enough meaning. That’s why we need information […]

It Looks Like Truth From Here

Saying what is true is harder than it sounds. You have to know what you think and feel, which is no easy task. But you also have to know why, and have the self-acceptance to realize that your motives are not completely perfect. You can’t say something true unless you have the insight to understand […]

Less Than Profound

I would like to say something profound, but it’s hard to think of profound things after a few days on five hours sleep. I’m pouring my creative juices into other things, and I’m tired. So instead I’ll say this. You don’t always have to think of something profound to say. You don’t always have to […]

Stillness is…

Misleading, because you hold still, but you breathe, the air moves, the world hums with energy. Magic, because it rushes through you like a river swollen with melt water in spring, bearing all the possibilities of the present moment. Liberating, because all the ideas that hold you back dissolve and mean nothing. Hidden, because it […]

A Cure for Not Trusting Yourself

A good cure for not trusting yourself is figuring out what good you were trying to do in the first place. Socrates made a pretty good argument that people are always trying to do what they believe will be good, even if they have a messed up idea of what good is. Saying someone is […]

Is This The Perfect or Perfecting Section?

It’s an easy slip of the tongue. This is where the clean ones go, that is where the cleaning ones go. This is where the perfect ones go, that is where the perfecting ones go. Life is an accident of verbs. We thought we were supposed to be perfect. To have already attained greatness. It […]