On Choosing A Path (to Happily Ever After)

It’s already chosen. That’s the tantalizing point I’m driving at. You chose it. You just didn’t realize it. If you look around you, you will see the evidence. You have been choosing your life all along. Scattered over your desk, filling your book shelves, stuffed in your drawers, sleeping in the other room. That’s your […]

7 Lesson on Life from Freecell

I have a freecell addiction. For your information, it is a solitaire like card game on the computer, not an illicit drug. I have a 98% win rate, of which I am proud. One of the nice things about not having time to do things you enjoy is that when you do manage to do […]

Appreciate Where You Are

We are pretty good at wanting desperately to be somewhere else, have something else. It’s human nature to constantly need something. The trouble is, if you spend your whole life wanting to be somewhere else, you will never notice and enjoy what you’ve got right now. Right now, I am on the floor, in view […]

Lessons In Seriously Changing Part 2

Changing is exhausting. That’s not a lesson, it’s just obvious. All these pieces swirl around you, shouting instructions, and you are supposed to figure out how to put them together into a life. Setting out to Change actually makes things harder than they need to be though. You already are what you need to become. […]

Great Things, Small Things, and Truth

I have this thing for being grandiose. I want everything I do to be the best ever. I want to change the world. Only I’m very good at keeping it secret. I hate to brag. So it comes out in subtle ways. For example, I wrote a science fiction novel when I was twelve, and […]

Gratitude Rises from The Ashes

I admit, for a while now I have been burnt out on gratitude. I got high on joy, a few years ago, listing all the things I was grateful for. Then I had a nasty hangover. The problem was that I was invoking all the things I thought I should feel grateful for. Not the […]

The Truth Is An Illusion

In Buddhism, there is an idea called upaya. As the story goes, when Buddha was enlightened, he experienced the interconnection of all things beyond words. Then he felt compassion for all the suffering in the world, and he wanted to help, but he knew there was no way he could use words to teach something […]

Life Paths Are Like Crime Dramas

There are signs, clues, forensics, and good logic pointing to the life you want. Your soul has been hard at work setting it up for you in dark nights and back alleys when you weren’t paying attention. Usually, what you are looking for is hidden in plain sight. The friend who found the clue, the […]

Open Letter To The Hobgoblin of Productivity

Dear You, You know who you are. You are the guilt hiding around the corner, whenever I think of something good to do in life that I haven’t already accomplished. You wait to jump out at me as soon as I move towards something important, shouting that if I can’t go faster I might as […]

Words Aren’t Answers

It’s meaning you want. Words are like latitude and longitude lines, little symbols on yellow maps. They point the way to hidden meaning, but they aren’t the treasure. To see, you will have to leave words behind you for a while. Let the idea take shape without boxing it up with names, uncategorized. The form […]