A plan to do work you love and why we forgot what matters.

Someday my eight-month-old will grow up and have to pay bills. I have a plan to make that suck less. I’m going to need your help though. I want us to make a world where the work we do is taken for granted as something that is fulfilling. Where work is something we enjoy, that […]

Clichés of the Mind

“But she finds it so difficult to verbalize Charles, dear. It helps her if she can quote instead of working out words of her own.” – A Wrinkle In Time, Madeleine L’Engle The rosy fingered Dawn stretched its fingers over the wine dark sea, and I, sitting at my desk, pondered the choking sensation caused […]

Of Pens and Procrastinating True Talent

I have a drawer of special pens that I don’t use. The red and gold pen I bought especially for my red and gold journal with my allowance money. The fountain pen I won in a cursive essay contest in elementary school. The pen I got to learn calligraphy. The pen a sleazy sales person […]

Leadership & Originality: What Do You Have In Common With Scared Buffalo?

There is a road, no simple highway/ between the dawn and the dark of night/ and if you go, no one may follow/ That path is for your steps alone… You who choose to lead must follow/ but if you fall you fall alone/ If you should stand then who’s to guide you?/ If I […]