5 Huge Barriers to Acting on Your Dreams & Practical Ways to Blow Them Up

Going out and doing what it takes to make the life you want a reality is freakishly hard sometimes. It just that acting on your dreams is too important to hide from. Here are the five biggest problems I’ve been clobbered by and ways to bludgeon them back into the night. To do the exercises, […]

How To Make Taking Action Less Irritating

“Go forth! Take action!” This command annoys me. Partly, it’s because I don’t like doing what I’m told. Partly, it’s because I am not great at it. When it comes to doing homework, I’m fantastic at “taking action.” I think it’s some kind of birth defect. Everyone is great at some kind of action, even […]

The Magic of What You Love: From Shit-Shoveling to Changing the World

When you love something, believe in it, and understand how it has the power to make the world more beautiful and good, magic happens. Life is so full of dirt and shit, we forget that even shit-shoveling is great when you’re having fun. The point is not to justify the trenches you have to dig. […]

The Strength to Change Slowly

Bit by bit, day by day, things change. Blowing wind and dripping water can reshape mountains. The challenge is persisting. It will seem like failure is imminent at every step. It will seem like things are going backwards and nothing is working. Strength, in tarot cards, is a picture of a girl holding open the […]

Play: The Fountain of Productivity

I would like to tell you that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Except I only tried that once, and I didn’t catch any flies at all. So it’s not the most meaningful example. Instead, think of shopping with friends. Hiking in beautiful mountains. Swimming at the beach. Staying up late […]

Just Do the Damn Thing: A Logical Refutation

1. I can’t. You have fingers, legs, and you can move them. The computer is right here. You have the internet hooked up. The keyboard works (miraculously after being beaten mercilessly by an infant everyday). You are physically capable. You can. What more do you want? 2. I don’t know what to do. By this, […]

Put Down the Whip

In life, everyone has that one area where things aren’t easy for them. Strange disasters occur, they sabotage themselves, they experience irrational terror, obsess about things everyone else finds easy, and make decisions no one else can understand. For me, that area is my career. I have spent years trying to threaten, cajole, terrify, strategize, […]