The Language of Guidance

I am a realization junkie. I love those moments of “getting it”. Or at least feeling like you get it, without really understanding, without really changing. I think truly growing from something often requires a lifetime of practice. The realization comes and goes, but the practice remains. Well, I’ve had a realization. And I’d like […]

Why You Should Take Your Own Advice

The advice we give is usually the advice we need to receive. You can learn a lot about a person by the advice they give you. You can also learn a lot about yourself by the advice you keep giving out. It’s just that learning about ourselves is a lot harder. And taking your own […]

Lessons In Seriously Changing: Part 1

I have been learning a lot about myself. And that is why I haven’t been writing much. To be honest, I kind of wrinkle my nose at bloggers who are always apologizing for not writing enough. Now I see, they do this because blogging is a relationship, between me and you. And like most good […]

How to Love Yourself: 4 Truths for Reviving Dead Self-Esteem

I gave up my self-esteem in high school. Literally, I thought it was uncool. It made me stand out. So I faked being a miserable drudge until I made it. I became afraid to look people in the eye. It was sort of like wild animals – I told myself. Look a high schooler in […]

Life Paths Are Like Crime Dramas

There are signs, clues, forensics, and good logic pointing to the life you want. Your soul has been hard at work setting it up for you in dark nights and back alleys when you weren’t paying attention. Usually, what you are looking for is hidden in plain sight. The friend who found the clue, the […]

The Truth: Psychic Guidance, Spiritual Growth, and Lake Monsters

I have a confession to make. I would like to throw trite advice at you because it means I don’t have to change. Part of me wants to say things that are safe, that scream personal development, that are valuable in some official, businessy way, that people in suits would nod their heads at. But […]

It Looks Like Truth From Here

Saying what is true is harder than it sounds. You have to know what you think and feel, which is no easy task. But you also have to know why, and have the self-acceptance to realize that your motives are not completely perfect. You can’t say something true unless you have the insight to understand […]

No-Mind: How to Actually Be Yourself

The great thing about commitment is that it makes it really clear to you what you should think about. I committed to writing about how to be yourself, and so I started thinking clearly for once about what it means to be yourself. Here’s How to Be Yourself Don’t try. That’s it. This is one […]

A Cure for Not Trusting Yourself

A good cure for not trusting yourself is figuring out what good you were trying to do in the first place. Socrates made a pretty good argument that people are always trying to do what they believe will be good, even if they have a messed up idea of what good is. Saying someone is […]

The Chasm Between Truth & Lies

Characters in movies never lie. They dance around the truth, they leave things out, they make clever, ambiguous statements. Or if they do lie, the audience soon finds out exactly what the truth is, and discovering the truth, or hiding it, is the whole point of the story. We lie every day. I do. “How […]