The Heart Shouts “No!”

There’s this voice in my head, probably from the 1950s, who tells me that when you are Moving Forward and Making Progress, you don’t have time to think about emotions. It’s this guy’s fault that I keep going in the wrong direction. On the dark and rocky roads of life, your gut feelings are often […]

On Choosing A Path (to Happily Ever After)

It’s already chosen. That’s the tantalizing point I’m driving at. You chose it. You just didn’t realize it. If you look around you, you will see the evidence. You have been choosing your life all along. Scattered over your desk, filling your book shelves, stuffed in your drawers, sleeping in the other room. That’s your […]

The Language of Guidance

I am a realization junkie. I love those moments of “getting it”. Or at least feeling like you get it, without really understanding, without really changing. I think truly growing from something often requires a lifetime of practice. The realization comes and goes, but the practice remains. Well, I’ve had a realization. And I’d like […]

Why You Should Take Your Own Advice

The advice we give is usually the advice we need to receive. You can learn a lot about a person by the advice they give you. You can also learn a lot about yourself by the advice you keep giving out. It’s just that learning about ourselves is a lot harder. And taking your own […]

The Decision that Brings You Peace

Sometimes the only way to know which choice is right is to make it. Decide. Commit to the path. It is only when you walk it that you will see if this is where you want to be. It’s the peace of the choice, the magic of moving that matters. Knowing the way is impossible. […]

5 Huge Barriers to Acting on Your Dreams & Practical Ways to Blow Them Up

Going out and doing what it takes to make the life you want a reality is freakishly hard sometimes. It just that acting on your dreams is too important to hide from. Here are the five biggest problems I’ve been clobbered by and ways to bludgeon them back into the night. To do the exercises, […]

The Loch-Ness Monster Sent Me an E-Book

(This is part 2. Part 1 is here.) Ask and you shall receive, they say. But, according to Mark Silver, who wrote the e-book at this website, the kind of thing you ask for matters. In fact, what matters about it is whether it’s made of matter. Manifestation gurus and school guidance counselors the world […]

The Truth: Psychic Guidance, Spiritual Growth, and Lake Monsters

I have a confession to make. I would like to throw trite advice at you because it means I don’t have to change. Part of me wants to say things that are safe, that scream personal development, that are valuable in some official, businessy way, that people in suits would nod their heads at. But […]

You Shouldn’t Do What You Should Do

The most important thing to do is what you know in your gut is right. Part of living in a busy society is that we are constantly bombarded with Shoulds. You should eat better. You should exercise. You should be nice. You should try harder. You should make more money. You should hurry up. You […]

No-Mind: How to Actually Be Yourself

The great thing about commitment is that it makes it really clear to you what you should think about. I committed to writing about how to be yourself, and so I started thinking clearly for once about what it means to be yourself. Here’s How to Be Yourself Don’t try. That’s it. This is one […]