The Art of Change

Once upon a time, we lived in a world where change happened slowly. Sure, there were catastrophes, sudden disasters, miracles. But most things stayed the same. Fifty years ago, it made sense to think of yourself as changing into something. You could become a parent, an office worker, a manager, a home owner, an expert. […]

What the hell is it to be yourself, and why would you want to?

Shh. Just between you and me, I have this blog see, called To Be Yourself. That kind of commits me to thinking about what the hell it means to be yourself. I’m pretty sure my subconscious did this to me on purpose. Maybe this started when I was eleven, when I was shy and weird, […]

Fear Is Good for Running from Tigers

Your mind shuts down. Blood pumps through your systems. You strategize for protecting the absolute essentials. Firey patterns of rage and determination dance across your mind. By throwing all your resources into the essentials, fear accesses a focused power. It can blow through whatever stands in your way.  Suddenly your mind is  unencumbered by all […]

To Go The Way You Want To In Life, Throw Things

Changing direction is life is a lot like changing direction in space. Here on Earth, we get used to putting one foot in front of the other in a straight line, and that helps things. In space, however, inertia rules. If you are already in motion in a certain direction, you will tend to stay […]

You Need Space to See

You can’t see your eyeball with your eyeball – medical emergencies aside. You will have to look in a mirror, and when you see the reflection of your eye staring back at you, that’s because there is space between your eye and the mirror. You need space to see. This is why the best solution […]

The Tree Happiness Grows On

Happiness is like the fruit that falls from the tree. Sweet, full of joy and seeds of new beginnings, But the tree has much deeper, tougher roots. Happiness has been my goal in life. It’s a good one. But like fruit, happiness is part of the cycle of the hard work of growing things. The […]

The Strength to Change Slowly

Bit by bit, day by day, things change. Blowing wind and dripping water can reshape mountains. The challenge is persisting. It will seem like failure is imminent at every step. It will seem like things are going backwards and nothing is working. Strength, in tarot cards, is a picture of a girl holding open the […]

Is This The Perfect or Perfecting Section?

It’s an easy slip of the tongue. This is where the clean ones go, that is where the cleaning ones go. This is where the perfect ones go, that is where the perfecting ones go. Life is an accident of verbs. We thought we were supposed to be perfect. To have already attained greatness. It […]

Growing In Curlicues: Don’t Write About Writing

I knew a guy who was determined to learn to write. He planned to do that by writing about writing. The problem was that he couldn’t figure out what to write about. Writing about writing was boring. He could explain the techniques, but he couldn’t understand them. He couldn’t do them. He had to do […]