The Language of Guidance

I am a realization junkie. I love those moments of “getting it”. Or at least feeling like you get it, without really understanding, without really changing. I think truly growing from something often requires a lifetime of practice. The realization comes and goes, but the practice remains. Well, I’ve had a realization. And I’d like […]


I’ve been pruning. This is unusual for me – because of what my mother-in-law delicately calls compassion. I like trees. I love the shapes of leaves. It feels wrong to go chopping all the plants to bits, just because the laws of Landscaping demand that everything should fit into a neat, geometrically shaped box. I […]

Appreciate Where You Are

We are pretty good at wanting desperately to be somewhere else, have something else. It’s human nature to constantly need something. The trouble is, if you spend your whole life wanting to be somewhere else, you will never notice and enjoy what you’ve got right now. Right now, I am on the floor, in view […]

a whole poem

Life is the story of becoming whole. And each little moment, Each pain, Each failure, Each accident, Each need, Each error, Each truth, Each breath… Brings us closer to wholeness. You are not broken, Needing to be fixed. You are not lost, Needing to be found. The world is not broken, Not lost. You are […]

Goals In the Now, A Different Sort of Accomplishment

Sometimes goals don’t work. It could be that it’s the wrong goal. Or you learned something on the way. Or that the goal is phrased wrong or too restrictive. It could be something deeper. Goals don’t work for me. Because my subconscious refuses to cooperate. And this usually works out very well in the end, […]


“Patience is not sitting and waiting, it is forseeing. It is looking at the thorn and seeing the rose, Looking at the night and seeing the day. Lovers are patient and know the moon needs time to become full.” – Shams Tabrizi Great undertakings require patience. Fulfilling work, healthy bodies, happy kids, blooming gardens, deep […]

Open Letter To The Hobgoblin of Productivity

Dear You, You know who you are. You are the guilt hiding around the corner, whenever I think of something good to do in life that I haven’t already accomplished. You wait to jump out at me as soon as I move towards something important, shouting that if I can’t go faster I might as […]

The Loch-Ness Monster Sent Me an E-Book

(This is part 2. Part 1 is here.) Ask and you shall receive, they say. But, according to Mark Silver, who wrote the e-book at this website, the kind of thing you ask for matters. In fact, what matters about it is whether it’s made of matter. Manifestation gurus and school guidance counselors the world […]

Spring, Cycles, and What Life Promises

There’s a day every spring when I walk outside, and suddenly things look green. Today was that day. Spring is late in Colorado this year. Too many sudden cold spells and snow storms. The weeds grow first, long before the trees start to bloom. But spring still came. I never doubted it. I doubt life […]

The Benefits of Failure

Failure hurts. Yes. But it is also a sign that you are taking the risks required to learn. To progress. To really live. Failure is far more educational than success. It teaches you about what doesn’t work, what you don’t want, and how people behave when life is imperfect. And life is usually imperfect. A […]