I’m Afraid of You

“You don’t want to be like me, ‘Cause I know the world is afraid of me.” –Twiztid Those were the words that got me through high school, when I was pouring everything into being Normal, Smart, Pretty, Safe – everything that is supposed to define a girl. I was completely unsuccessful, because my soul was […]

On Letting Go of Not Knowing

“I don’t know” was once my mantra, chanted in place of “umm”. I convinced myself to give up that habit by telling myself that I should know, that I do know, that it is terrible juju to chant myself knowledgeless. But not-knowing has continued to haunt me. Plague me. And when I finally sat down […]

Breathe: A Technique for Massive Life Changes and Child Birth

There are times when life is shifting under your feet so fast you can barely catch your breath. Like an earthquake, everything around you that you take for granted as solid is changing. At times like this, you need to make a calm center to the universe. You need something to hang onto that will […]

5 Huge Barriers to Acting on Your Dreams & Practical Ways to Blow Them Up

Going out and doing what it takes to make the life you want a reality is freakishly hard sometimes. It just that acting on your dreams is too important to hide from. Here are the five biggest problems I’ve been clobbered by and ways to bludgeon them back into the night. To do the exercises, […]

The Loch-Ness Monster Sent Me an E-Book

(This is part 2. Part 1 is here.) Ask and you shall receive, they say. But, according to Mark Silver, who wrote the e-book at this website, the kind of thing you ask for matters. In fact, what matters about it is whether it’s made of matter. Manifestation gurus and school guidance counselors the world […]

The Magic of What You Love: From Shit-Shoveling to Changing the World

When you love something, believe in it, and understand how it has the power to make the world more beautiful and good, magic happens. Life is so full of dirt and shit, we forget that even shit-shoveling is great when you’re having fun. The point is not to justify the trenches you have to dig. […]

Power Cords to Long Dead Fears

There are things we learn to tolerate, little inconveniences that support something else. You never know which ones are pillars to nowhere until you take a risk and take them down. We tripped over a cord winding past our door for two years before disconnecting it today. As it turns out, this cord was for […]

Don’t Run From Obstacles

The things that you most fear, that hurt you the most, that you would most like to avoid – sometimes they are messengers from the parts of yourself that you try to forget. There are times when the only way to grow is to do what scares you, because it scares you. Don’t avoid the […]

Fear Is Good for Running from Tigers

Your mind shuts down. Blood pumps through your systems. You strategize for protecting the absolute essentials. Firey patterns of rage and determination dance across your mind. By throwing all your resources into the essentials, fear accesses a focused power. It can blow through whatever stands in your way.  Suddenly your mind is  unencumbered by all […]