Two kinds of success

The guy in the suit buying a new car with his bonus check. The elderly couple holding hands at sunset. The garden overflowing with blooming greens. The best-selling book stacked in a pyramid at the store. The laughing child. The overcrowded funeral with mourners in the streets. There are a lot of different definitions of […]

Don’t Do the 10 Steps to Sure Success

Yesterday I almost registered a company name. While I was reading up on how to register a business name, I started reading all the articles on 30 questions you have to answer before you start a business. I didn’t have the answers, so I chickened out. The point of these articles is to save you […]

Baby Steps: Lessons in Failure

When he first started crawling, he went backwards. It frustrated the crap out of him. All that effort to get the awesome cat in front of him, and there he is going backwards. Learning to walk has been more like playing pinball with his head. He stands up all the time for practice. Then falls […]