Helping Others Is:

Something worth defining a bit better, since we are constantly doing it. -too often a social judgment. As in “I will help you to be thin and beautiful, like this airbrushed magazine photo!” instead of acknowledging how beautiful you already are. -too often a dispensation. As in, “I am brilliant and my life is perfect, […]

You Need Space to See

You can’t see your eyeball with your eyeball – medical emergencies aside. You will have to look in a mirror, and when you see the reflection of your eye staring back at you, that’s because there is space between your eye and the mirror. You need space to see. This is why the best solution […]

Productivity versus Creativity

Industrial society runs on productivity. Human beings are measured by how much they produce, by numbers. How much money do you have? How expensive is your house and car? How many years did you spend in school? How many hours do you work in a week? How many friends do you have on Facebook? These […]