I’m Afraid of You

“You don’t want to be like me, ‘Cause I know the world is afraid of me.” –Twiztid Those were the words that got me through high school, when I was pouring everything into being Normal, Smart, Pretty, Safe – everything that is supposed to define a girl. I was completely unsuccessful, because my soul was […]

Lessons In Seriously Changing Part 2

Changing is exhausting. That’s not a lesson, it’s just obvious. All these pieces swirl around you, shouting instructions, and you are supposed to figure out how to put them together into a life. Setting out to Change actually makes things harder than they need to be though. You already are what you need to become. […]

Lessons In Seriously Changing: Part 1

I have been learning a lot about myself. And that is why I haven’t been writing much. To be honest, I kind of wrinkle my nose at bloggers who are always apologizing for not writing enough. Now I see, they do this because blogging is a relationship, between me and you. And like most good […]

Breathe: A Technique for Massive Life Changes and Child Birth

There are times when life is shifting under your feet so fast you can barely catch your breath. Like an earthquake, everything around you that you take for granted as solid is changing. At times like this, you need to make a calm center to the universe. You need something to hang onto that will […]

Goals In the Now, A Different Sort of Accomplishment

Sometimes goals don’t work. It could be that it’s the wrong goal. Or you learned something on the way. Or that the goal is phrased wrong or too restrictive. It could be something deeper. Goals don’t work for me. Because my subconscious refuses to cooperate. And this usually works out very well in the end, […]

The Truth Is An Illusion

In Buddhism, there is an idea called upaya. As the story goes, when Buddha was enlightened, he experienced the interconnection of all things beyond words. Then he felt compassion for all the suffering in the world, and he wanted to help, but he knew there was no way he could use words to teach something […]

As Gently As Possible

Tai-chi qi-gong, like yoga, is about moving around and looking slightly silly while calming the mind. It is an art designed to attune your mind and body to the vital energies of the universe. It’s popular in China and Japan for sustaining health, vitality, and flexibility well into old age. The trick to making qi-gong […]

Spring, Cycles, and What Life Promises

There’s a day every spring when I walk outside, and suddenly things look green. Today was that day. Spring is late in Colorado this year. Too many sudden cold spells and snow storms. The weeds grow first, long before the trees start to bloom. But spring still came. I never doubted it. I doubt life […]