Appreciate Where You Are

We are pretty good at wanting desperately to be somewhere else, have something else. It’s human nature to constantly need something.

The trouble is, if you spend your whole life wanting to be somewhere else, you will never notice and enjoy what you’ve got right now.

Right now, I am on the floor, in view of a sleeping toddler who is teething.

When you have a teething toddler, personal time has an inverse relationship with sleep. That is, if I sleep less than four hours a night, I can write. If I try to write while he is awake, he climbs on tables, or climbs me and begins typing his own version, or just screams until I go to the kitchen and bribe him with grapes. I am very grateful for the existence of grapes.

Appreciating this isn’t easy. I’m broke and I need to work, but I can’t. I can’t write. I can barely think.

But there are good things that come from every difficult time. This one too.

Thinking, for one, is overrated. And solutions don’t always come from talking about them. And sometimes you need a break from work, or from any endeavor, so that you can grow to understand it and yourself better, in the same way that muscles grow while resting after a workout.

Plus I’ve got an awesome little kid to hang out with, which is a job I have wanted all my life. And there are probably some pretty wonderful people in your life too.

How often are we longing, planning, demanding things to be the way we think they should be. But in doing so, we miss the beauty and wonder of what we have already got. We forget to appreciate the achievements already made, the progress right before us, the joy available right now.

It’s more than just being positive. If you can’t appreciate where you are now, you can’t fully see it. You can’t see the next step you need to take. And you can’t find the joy to energize you while you take it.

So wherever you are, whatever condition, you are stuck with it (at least for the next thirty seconds or so). So find a way to appreciate it. That wave of acceptance helps you find the resources to change.

Now I’m going to go sleep. How will you enjoy your moment?

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  1. It’s amazing how much you appreciate sleep when you don’t get enough. And many other things in life, as well. So the point you’re making’s a good one — the goal is not the end all be all. It’s important to keep our gaze firmly fixed on the here and now. At least most of the time.

    After all, if you’re always looking towards the end of the road, you’re bound to step in the turds underfoot.


    • Morgan Alverson says:

      Ah that made me laugh out loud Trevor. 🙂 Right indeed – too much looking to the future, and you will land yourself in a lot of shit in the present. And a lack of the essentials is just a reason to appreciate them all the more!

  2. Appreciate where you are. But if you really can’t, aim to move forward
    James Robinson recently posted…Welcome to my online journalMy Profile

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