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I’ve been pruning. This is unusual for me – because of what my mother-in-law delicately calls compassion. I like trees. I love the shapes of leaves. It feels wrong to go chopping all the plants to bits, just because the laws of Landscaping demand that everything should fit into a neat, geometrically shaped box. I […]

Helping Others Is:

Something worth defining a bit better, since we are constantly doing it. -too often a social judgment. As in “I will help you to be thin and beautiful, like this airbrushed magazine photo!” instead of acknowledging how beautiful you already are. -too often a dispensation. As in, “I am brilliant and my life is perfect, […]

Appreciate Where You Are

We are pretty good at wanting desperately to be somewhere else, have something else. It’s human nature to constantly need something. The trouble is, if you spend your whole life wanting to be somewhere else, you will never notice and enjoy what you’ve got right now. Right now, I am on the floor, in view […]