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Goals In the Now, A Different Sort of Accomplishment

Sometimes goals don’t work. It could be that it’s the wrong goal. Or you learned something on the way. Or that the goal is phrased wrong or too restrictive. It could be something deeper. Goals don’t work for me. Because my subconscious refuses to cooperate. And this usually works out very well in the end, […]

Prove Your Power: Love Yourself

There is an old story about a powerful dragon. When taunted, the dragon decided to prove his great power by turning into a dragonfly. Then he was squished. The moral of the story is that if you try to prove your power, you have lost it. You have power. There is something distinctively you, something […]

The Truth Is An Illusion

In Buddhism, there is an idea called upaya. As the story goes, when Buddha was enlightened, he experienced the interconnection of all things beyond words. Then he felt compassion for all the suffering in the world, and he wanted to help, but he knew there was no way he could use words to teach something […]