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The Truth: Psychic Guidance, Spiritual Growth, and Lake Monsters

I have a confession to make. I would like to throw trite advice at you because it means I don’t have to change. Part of me wants to say things that are safe, that scream personal development, that are valuable in some official, businessy way, that people in suits would nod their heads at. But […]

Spring, Cycles, and What Life Promises

There’s a day every spring when I walk outside, and suddenly things look green. Today was that day. Spring is late in Colorado this year. Too many sudden cold spells and snow storms. The weeds grow first, long before the trees start to bloom. But spring still came. I never doubted it. I doubt life […]

The Benefits of Failure

Failure hurts. Yes. But it is also a sign that you are taking the risks required to learn. To progress. To really live. Failure is far more educational than success. It teaches you about what doesn’t work, what you don’t want, and how people behave when life is imperfect. And life is usually imperfect. A […]

The Art of Change

Once upon a time, we lived in a world where change happened slowly. Sure, there were catastrophes, sudden disasters, miracles. But most things stayed the same. Fifty years ago, it made sense to think of yourself as changing into something. You could become a parent, an office worker, a manager, a home owner, an expert. […]

The Magic of What You Love: From Shit-Shoveling to Changing the World

When you love something, believe in it, and understand how it has the power to make the world more beautiful and good, magic happens. Life is so full of dirt and shit, we forget that even shit-shoveling is great when you’re having fun. The point is not to justify the trenches you have to dig. […]

Why Sharing Ideas is Marketing and Teaching

Jon Morrow argues that ideas are like kids – having them is one thing, but nurturing them to adulthood despite their ailments is something else. Marketing your ideas is the nurturing that they need to have a life of their own. Marketing is what you do for ideas you love. Marketing is a dirty word, […]

What the hell is it to be yourself, and why would you want to?

Shh. Just between you and me, I have this blog see, called To Be Yourself. That kind of commits me to thinking about what the hell it means to be yourself. I’m pretty sure my subconscious did this to me on purpose. Maybe this started when I was eleven, when I was shy and weird, […]

Power Cords to Long Dead Fears

There are things we learn to tolerate, little inconveniences that support something else. You never know which ones are pillars to nowhere until you take a risk and take them down. We tripped over a cord winding past our door for two years before disconnecting it today. As it turns out, this cord was for […]

Words Aren’t Answers

It’s meaning you want. Words are like latitude and longitude lines, little symbols on yellow maps. They point the way to hidden meaning, but they aren’t the treasure. To see, you will have to leave words behind you for a while. Let the idea take shape without boxing it up with names, uncategorized. The form […]

Measuring for Success

We set measurements for ourselves to see if we’ve been successful. And measurements are relative. A really good project from a beginner might be fatally flawed to a professional, yet be better than the work of most beginners. A book full of mistakes and half-considered ideas might be better than everything else on the topic. […]