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You Shouldn’t Do What You Should Do

The most important thing to do is what you know in your gut is right. Part of living in a busy society is that we are constantly bombarded with Shoulds. You should eat better. You should exercise. You should be nice. You should try harder. You should make more money. You should hurry up. You […]

Socially Proven Paralysis

What do employees working in quiet desperation, teenagers with matching clothes, and city murder victims have in common? Their terrible situation is caused by what the writer of Influence, Robert Cialdini calls social proof. It so happens that when people are confused about how to act, they look to how other, similar people act for […]

The Art of Useful Information

We live in the information age, but anyone who has walked through a library knows that big stacks of great information are useless unless you can process and use them. The problems of our time rarely come from not having enough information. Our problems come from not having enough meaning. That’s why we need information […]

‘We Will’ Beats ‘I Need’

Teamwork is amazing for getting things done. The tendency is to think of it as an I. “I need this done. I need to do this. I want that. I want you to do this. I’m getting mad that you haven’t done it yet!” But being authentic involves taking responsibility for your role in the […]

Why Fire-Aim and Aim-Fire Both Miss the Target

Both ‘fire’ and ‘aim’ are necessary to hit the target. Yet when it comes to goals, there is a lot of debate as to which comes first. Shall I wait until my aim is perfect before I fire? Or shall I just shoot randomly and worry about what I’m shooting at later? It depends on […]

Fear Is Good for Running from Tigers

Your mind shuts down. Blood pumps through your systems. You strategize for protecting the absolute essentials. Firey patterns of rage and determination dance across your mind. By throwing all your resources into the essentials, fear accesses a focused power. It can blow through whatever stands in your way.  Suddenly your mind is  unencumbered by all […]

It Looks Like Truth From Here

Saying what is true is harder than it sounds. You have to know what you think and feel, which is no easy task. But you also have to know why, and have the self-acceptance to realize that your motives are not completely perfect. You can’t say something true unless you have the insight to understand […]

Less Than Profound

I would like to say something profound, but it’s hard to think of profound things after a few days on five hours sleep. I’m pouring my creative juices into other things, and I’m tired. So instead I’ll say this. You don’t always have to think of something profound to say. You don’t always have to […]

To Go The Way You Want To In Life, Throw Things

Changing direction is life is a lot like changing direction in space. Here on Earth, we get used to putting one foot in front of the other in a straight line, and that helps things. In space, however, inertia rules. If you are already in motion in a certain direction, you will tend to stay […]

How To Change the World

I recently asked some people I know to tell me what they think I’m blind to, to help me see myself better. This was the best answer: “You don’t see that people are stupid.” When I finished laughing, I realized this sums me up in a nutshell. I don’t think anyone is stupid. I don’t […]