The Heart Shouts “No!”

There’s this voice in my head, probably from the 1950s, who tells me that when you are Moving Forward and Making Progress, you don’t have time to think about emotions.

It’s this guy’s fault that I keep going in the wrong direction.

On the dark and rocky roads of life, your gut feelings are often all you have to guide you. Your heart is reliable when nothing else is. And it speaks in feelings.

As Marie Forleo points out, sometimes procrastination is a good thing. It’s the universe shouting, “No!”

So if you too have been trying to march off in the pursuit of progress, only to find yourself in the kitchen looking for a snack, consider.

Is this the hard step you know you need to take towards something that feels right?

Or is it an easy step down a path you don’t want to travel?

On Choosing A Path (to Happily Ever After)

It’s already chosen.

That’s the tantalizing point I’m driving at.

You chose it. You just didn’t realize it. If you look around you, you will see the evidence. You have been choosing your life all along.

Scattered over your desk, filling your book shelves, stuffed in your drawers, sleeping in the other room. That’s your choice.

The Choice we so covet, the right one, that will lead to happily ever after, is not a choice at all.

No, what we are seeking is recognition and acceptance. We are looking to wake up one day and realize that the life we are already living is the right one.  The life built out of our hearts desires is this. And this, with all the flaws and crazy problems, is all we need to be happy, to grow, to love.

This moment is enough. It’s okay. This is it. It’s here.

You’ve found it. Look around.

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